GREGORY Atkin has Traveled the Globe under Iconic Preston Bailey Head of Production and design creating some of the Worlds most recognised events

Gregory Atkin is a detail oriented, charismatic and highly motivated individual. This combination of traits is reflected in his impressively broad network of colleagues, clients and friends across the globe.

Already one of Australia’s most sought after event designers, Greg’s stellar reputation has been him lending his talents and experience to some of the country’s largest and most prestigious events.

Greg’s creativity and vision has transformed some of the most unlikely venues into glittering weddings, product launches , landmark birthday for high profile Australians, film premieres and government celebrations. When faced with an existing events venue, Greg creates an alternate universe, taking guests and hosts on a journey of the senses throughout the event.

Greg has an uncanny knack for taking any brief and breathing life and magic into it. The smallest of scribbled notes from a clients springs off the page to became a beautiful experience for all who attend.

Gregory Atkin’s reputation includes a wide spread respect and admiration for his outstanding multitasking and problem solving skills. Managing varying lead times for this events with ease, Greg is able to priorities and trouble-shoot on the run, often in multiple locations and with multiple deadlines.

Once Greg has worked with a client, they become loyal fans and clients forever. His warm and friendly demeanor, even under pressure, keeps everyone’s spirit’s high, all the way through each project, ensuring an extremely high level of repeat business.